Arack Ahn is a desert kingdom stretching from the Azure sea in the south to the Cahar mountain range in the north.

East and west stretch great expanses of desert. To the far east the sea curves northward bordering the kingdom. Far to the west the desert eventually gives way to uncharted swampland.

At the heart of Arack Ahn runs the Phaiden river. This river is the only thing that brings life and commerce to the barren region. Along the river are five centers of life.

Anak. The Capital City.
Anak sits at the southern end of the river on a delta that spills out into the Azure sea. The city is a major commercial port with visiting ships from far off kingdoms. In order to accommodate the growing need for docking space the city has grown out into the sea in a series of islands spanning the delta and creating a city of bridges. The sight is impressive from afar with sunlight glinting off of bronzed spires and glittering supporting chains. At night and especially during festival times the city becomes otherworldly as lanterns illuminate the walkways connecting towers.

Anak is difficult to navigate. With so many islands built up over the centuries an elaborate maze developed constantly confusing visitors and making them easy prey for thieves and cutpurses. Only lifelong residents no the city well enough to travel through it without getting lost and only very few know the whole city well.

The city is a perfect place to find any item of trade that you may need. Almost all the cities streets are lined with shops and vendors. There is a powerful black market the fuels the cities underworld as well. Although Anak is a lawful city without much violence theft is a regular occurrence. The city guard is kept busy constantly trying to break up contraband networks, gangs and thieves guilds. Anything you can’t find in the regular market can certainly be found if you have the right connections.

Justice is swift and brutal in this bustling metropolis. If you are foolish enough to get caught breaking the law don’t expect to walk away unscathed or with all of your limbs intact.

The Twins The Twins sit at the edge of the Cahar mountains and straddle the Phaiden river. Although the population is low no one can attest to the hardiness and ferocity of the people that inhabit the twins. More of a military outpost then a town the Twins are the northmost defensive position against possible invaders to Arack Ahn (the desert protects the kingdom on the east and west). Although most of Arackian soldiers are naval based the respectively small contingent of soldiers at the Twins are considered the most experienced, veteran and highly trained.

Commerce through the twins is insignificant to the kingdom with most trade being done locally with some of the friendlier northern tribes. It is however a launching point for numerous expeditions into the mountains in search of iron ore or expeditions of foolish adventurers with a scribbled treasure map. Iron ore mining is next to non existent in the rest of the kingdom and all the iron that comes down from the twins goes towards weapons and supplies for the military forces and the needs of the Ruling Class.

Middle Cities “Cities” is probably an overstatement for the populated areas between Anak and The Twins. Although definitely active in trade and housing the majority of centers for Magic and Belief their populations are dwarfed by Anak and their defensive structures are non existent in comparison to the Twins. In fact one could imagine the cities blending into each other over time. Their farming areas already overlap and key resources are not fought over. These cities count on the desert for their defense for the most part aside from small local militia. Politically their interaction is making them a strong player in the courts of Anak. Although relatively insignificant as individual cities when they act together the can be a noticeable political force.

The Middle Cities are, for the most part situated around a lake that the Phaiden flows in and out of. Two of them on the west bank and one on the south east. The ruins of a fourth city sits on the north east bank of the lake. Over the years this place has become a thing of folklore and wives tales. Locals will not even go to pillage stones for building materials.

The area surrounding the middle cities are all farm and grazing lands. The area to the northwest of the cities produces legendary horses renown for their speed and desert endurance. The other areas produced a variety or crops thanks to a significant aqueduct system. The farming supplies feed the population of the middle cities and provide a good export supply to the other parts of the kingdom although they do not produced nearly enough for significant export to to other kingdoms.

Southern Islands Of the south shore of Arach ahn is a large archipelago of islands that make navigation difficult but help protect Anak from direct invasion. The naval fleets have expert pilots that direct their ships through the maze of islands. When foreign ships come to make port they must be met by an escort before trying to traverse the narrow corridors between reef and rock. Without the aide of a Arackian pilot no ship would be able to make their way through the Southern Islands.

Some of the islands are big enough to produce crops of sugar cane which in turn is made into one of Arack Ahns most sought after exports: high quality rum. The islands are also well known for their marine produce and remarkable villas for the wealthy an powerful.

The peoples that inhabit the islands have been there since before the ruling class brought together the Kingdom or Arach Ahn. They are proud and humble and make up the majority of the naval fleets pilots.

Shimmer Isle – Larin’thalas Arikash
Eldarin Homeland in Arack Ahn

The Shimmer Isle is located off the Eastern shores of the great dessert. North of the East Watch tower and East of Suthran there is a great reef that extends along the East coast of Arack Ahn. Appearing along the reef, only during the twilight hours of dusk and dawn and never in the same place twice is Larin’thalas Arikash, home of the Eldarin.

A place feared by those who inhabit the East Coast or Arack Ahn the Shimmer Isle is said to appear to collect the souls of the sailor lost upon the reef. It is rumored that if you are out at sea and the Shimmer Isle appears before you you will never see land again as you will be lost to the home of the Grey Elves.

Eldarin are very rarely seen in Arack Ahn. Indeed their appearance is a thing of legend. The last time in history the Eldarin were seen in force was during the War of Rendering when it is said the face of Arack Ahn was burnt and all living things perished.

Ruling Class – Pane Shara

Religion, Death, Magic and Necromancy – accepted practice

Metals and Jewels

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Arack Ahn